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Meet Michael Coburn

Michael Coburn was a prosecutor in Talbot County, Maryland, when he faced an agonizing choice after the birth of his son—take unpaid paternity leave to care for his wife and newborn or go right back to work and keep a much-needed paycheck.


Rather than take unpaid leave, Michael made the difficult decision to leave the prosecutor’s office and opened his own criminal-defense law firm. The experience drove home how important government is in shaping opportunities for Maryland families.

Coburn Family
Michael and Son

As a prosecutor and a defense attorney, Michael has witnessed firsthand how broken our criminal justice system is, stacking the deck against poor Marylanders and people of color. He worked to provide mental health and addiction treatment options for those who needed it, and to prevent additional jail time for those who could not afford to pay their fines.


As a prosecutor Michael also focused on getting guns off our streets, partnering with the FBI’s investigation into a 3-D gun printing operation that was sending illegal firearms to Maryland gangs. Now Michael is running for Congress because he believes public service is about creating real change. In Congress, Michael will fight to protect a woman’s right to choose, reform our criminal justice system, combat climate change, and ensure working families have the opportunity to get ahead by lowering the cost of childcare, housing, and health care—and finally passing paid family leave.


The first in his family to graduate college, Michael lives with his wife, an epidemiologist, their two children, and the family dog Ozzie in Annapolis. 


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